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Welcome to

The Little Nest!

Little Nest Early School is a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool, which draws on Inquiry approaches and the International Early Years Learning Framework.


We are so much more than childcare. We are understanding, discovery and happiness. We are a home away from home. We are family.


The Education, development and growth of a child cannot be taught by one person alone. Every interaction, experience, sight, sound and person that crosses a child’s path shapes that life and future generation, so lets make these experiences fun, valuable and worthwhile


At the LITTLE NEST, our educators are passionate about the early years and create environments that are warm and inviting to stimulate the sense and challenge the mind. We strive to be the model for exceeding practice. Innovative, motivated and forward thinkers, we never become complacent in our center, we continuously challenge the status quo, always looking at how we can improve every aspect of our services. We believe our limits are only bound by our imaginations. We think outside the box and even color outside the lines.

Lear More about the Little Nest Physical Environment

Lear More about our curricular & the Reggio- emilia approach

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  Starting childcare can be an emotional experience for both you and your child. Children especially can often experience some difficulty settling into a new environment, particularly if they find it hard to separate from family or familiar caregivers.

This information sheet offers some suggestions that can help you support your child during the settling in period. You will of course need to be patient because they may cry, be grumpy or throw tantrums for an initial time as they get used to the new environment.

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