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Our Aim

"Helping children learn how to learn"

     The construction of knowledge is a subjective process that proceeds in a  spiralling rather that linear or stage like way. Children sometimes work with teachers, and sometimes without them, projects are sometimes short, and sometimes long. The curriculum is based on more flexible strategies than ridged plans. I like to use he metaphor of taking a journey, where one finds the way using a compass rather than taking a train with its fixed routes and schedules.


 (C.Rainaldi, The Hundred Languages 2nd ed .1998, p 119)

"Our Aim is to"

  • Create engaging and inspiring learning environments

  • Focus on creating relationships, making connections and establishing dialogue

  • Make time for play, reflection, listening, engagement, learning

  • Slow down! Children need time to consolidate their learning; reorganize and make sense of their world

  • Listen, document and work alongside the children as co-researchers

  • Focus on the learning rather than the teaching, to understand better the process rather than the product

  • Respect and embrace the many points of view, ideas, theories and suggestions of individual children as well as the ‘the group’

  • Encourage and support the children to work together during play and inquiry. Entrust the children to solve problems

  • Empower the children to move through the day with confidence and self direction

  • Provide the foundations for active citizenship

  • Offer creative experiences that are collaborative

  • Create time and space for the children to experiment with open-ended, creative, flexible materials

  • Inspire a sense of joy, wonder and curiosity

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