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The Little Nest



At The Little Nest we understand that as parents you strive to create a caring and safe environment for your family, and it is only natural you seek the same standard from your chosen  Early School. Your child’s transition from home to one of our early childhood centres should be seamless and it will feel like a home away from home where they are comfortable, happy and inspired.

The Little Nest environment is are purpose designed to provide inspiring learning and play spaces for children aged 0-5 years. Each area has been tailored to best meet the needs and development that is appropriate for each child.

Our indoor learning spaces promote constructive activity and purposeful exploration. These areas are organised to allow easy flow between activities, creating a sense of order, a feeling of belonging and opportunities both for solo contemplation and for children to collaborate with others as they choose.    


Our wonderful outdoor learning spaces offer opportunities for children to learn, explore and feel a sense of belonging. We nurture in children a love of nature and desire to preserve, protect and enhance the natural world around them. Our natural outdoor environment features trees and plants, edible gardens, sandpits, areas that invite play, quiet spaces where the children can sit and reflect, slides, natural timber cubby houses and trapoline. 

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Our nursery room is an extension of your home, and we strive to create a warm, comforting and safe environment, one that caters to the individual needs and routines that young children have.

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In our toddler rooms we encourage and support children with their forever developing self-help skills and independence. We help to build resilience and self-awareness in a harmonious and fun environment.


Our preschool program is developed for children aged 4-6 years and focuses on small group experiences, which cater to different needs and interests. We want preschoolers to become independent.

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